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Clare Wilson
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Electrical, Lighting, NBN Cabling and Exhaust Fans
(Replacement/Upgrades, Repairs & Maintenance)

Ben Darlington
Maritex Commercial
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Water, Sewerage and Gas
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Bob Taylor
RT Plumbing
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Miladin Kresoja
Wizard Painting
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Air Conditioning
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Matthew Combe
Modern Heating and Cooling
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0423 549 123
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Levies, Reports and More
ICT/Online Systems
Reporting problems with the building's email, website, online key/tag provisioning systems and online forms
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Access Control

Access to the building is controlled using electronic tags. The small black plastic tags provide access to the building entrance, lifts, gym and fire escape doors on each floor (to get onto the floor).

To access any area with a tag, simply wave your tag in front of any black "ICT" tag reader.  The blue light on the top of the reader will change from blue to green and you will be granted access. If the reader shows a red colour or stays blue, then you don't have access to the door/area. CONTACT US if you have any questions or experience any issues.

When using your tag in the lifts, wave your tag in front of the "ICT" reader in the lift and once the reader turns green, press your floor number.

If you are using a virtual token and "ICT" app on your mobile phone instead of a physical tag, then please follow the usage instructions provided in the email your received with your virtual token.

To request an additional tag or to replace a lost/stolen tag, please use the ONLINE FORM.


Access to the carpark is controlled using electronic cards. The white plastic cards provide access to the carpark boom gates. After hours the carpark metal shutters are also down. The shutters will open when you swipe your card.

To access the carpark, simply wave your card in front of the entry card reader located on the yellow bollard.  Similarly, a reader is provided at the exist when leaving the carpark.

Cars must be parked in allocated car spaces only. Residents must never park in the NCC commercial carpark area.

To request a replacement card for a lost/stolen card, please use the ONLINE FORM. Note that only one carpark card is issued for each apartment carpark space. Additional cards will not be issued for any reason. The building carpark does not have any visitor parking.

Garbage & Recycling

A refuse room is located on each floor with a garbage chute that drops garbage to the Level B2 refuse room. Use the chute for general household garbage bags. Garbage bags or other items must not be dumped in the chute room. Removal fees will be charged for anyone dumping items anywhere in the building.

If you have any large items such as pizza boxes or any recycling such as cardboard boxes, class, packaging, etc., then these should be taken down to the Level B2 refuse room. Press the green button on the outside of the B2 refuse room to open the roller door. Press the button again to close the roller door when you leave.

The hoppers with the yellow lids are for recycling. The hoppers with the green lids are for general garbage. Any large recycling or packaging items must be broken down and placed into the hoppers. Do not leave boxes or other packaging on the floor in the refuse room.

Large items such as furniture, white goods, etc must not be dumped in the refuse room or anywhere on common property. Removal fees will be charged for anyone dumping items anywhere in the building. These type of items must be taken to the tip.

Gym & Terrace Area

The gym and terrace are located on Level 2 (turn left when you exit the lifts). These facilities are open 6am to 11pm 7 days a week.

Please take note of all signage in these areas. In particular:

  • Use of these facilities is strictly at your own risk. The Owners Corporation and its authorised representatives are not responsible for any loss, damage or injury

  • These facilities are for use by building residents only and all users must be over 18 years of age

  • Any visitor under 18 years of age must be supervised by a responsible adult who lives in the building

  • The Owners Corporation and its authorised representatives reserve the right to refuse entry or remove any person from these facilities for any reason

  • Gym users must lower weights gently and not cause excessive noise that may interfere with surrounding residents

  • Gym users must wipe down equipment and return all weights to their normal storage place after use - DO NOT LEAVE WEIGHTS OR EQUIPMENT ON THE FLOOR

  • Visitors should lock the terrace sliding door, switch off the TVs, lights and air conditioning if they are the last to leave the area

  • These facilities are under 24 hour CCTV recording

  • Smoking is not permitted in these facilities, including the outdoor terrace area

  • Additional COVID-19 rules currently apply - see specific signage in the gym area

Lifts and Moving In/Out

Lift 1 (the left most lift when facing the lift doors) is the goods lift. This lift must be used when:

  • Moving belongings in or out of the building, including with removalists you have engaged to complete this for you

  • Moving any bulky or soiled items, recycling and garbage bags that shouldn't be put down the garbage chute, pets / animals and any commercial waste / garbage from retail tenancies

  • All shopping trolleys, bikes, scooters and fitness equipment

  • Transporting any goods related to retail tenancies


Lift 2 and 3 are designated as passenger lifts only. Lift 1 (goods lift) contains protective coverings on the walls to minimise any damage to the lift interiors and has a larger cabin area than the passenger lifts. The owner of a unit where any person from that unit, including removalists, found misusing or damaging the passenger lifts will be held responsible for any cleaning and/or repair costs.

Lift 1 (goods lift) contains a green override switch on the front left panel inside the lift. Use this switch to lock the lift doors open while loading/unloading the lift with your items. Push the switch to the up position to lock the doors open. Push the switch to the down position to release the doors again and operate the lift as normal. When you are ready to move the lift, release the switch (down position) and then swipe your tag and select your floor. When you have finished using the goods lift, remember to release the switch (down position) so that others may call the lift.

Failing to use the override switch will cause the lift doors to time out and attempt to force close themselves. Blocking this process may result in damage to the lift door mechanism. Any lift company call out fees and repair costs will be passed on to the responsible unit owner.

Please print the GOODS LIFT & MOVING IN/OUT GUIDE and provide it to your removalists, tenants, agents, staff or any other persons that may need to know the rules around using the goods lift in this building.




Air Conditioning

  • Each apartment contains one or more reverse cycle air conditioners

  • Outdoor compressor units are normally located on each balcony

  • Residents should follow the care and cleaning instructions for their particular model. At a minimum, air filters on the indoor units should be cleaned monthly or as directed by the manufacturer

  • Each owner is responsible for the repair and maintenance of their own air conditioners. Check the CONTACTS section for air conditioning licensed contractor suggestions should you need professional assistance or are considering replacing the original system. All air conditioning units, regardless of age, should be services by a licensed professional at least annually

  • The apartment owner is responsible for any air conditioning problems and repairs within the apartment. If you are renting then you should contact your agent or apartment owner

Exhaust Fans

  • Each apartment contains a number of exhaust vents that are connected to the building's central exhaust system

  • Most apartments will have centrally connected vents in the laundry and ensuite

  • The central system operates during set hours and provides a gentle suction. Many owners have also elected to install stronger in-line exhaust fans within their ceilings to extract more air/steam. Check the CONTACTS section for the electrical contractor who can install such additional services in your apartment at your own cost

  • Vent grills should be removed and cleaned at least monthly. Failure to clean these regularly will result in reduced suction and air/steam will not clear from the room quickly

  • Kitchen rangehoods are not connected to the building's central exhaust system

  • Kitchen rangehood filters should be used and cleaned regularly to minimise the amount of cooking/oil residue attaching to kitchen and surrounding surfaces

  • The apartment owner is responsible for any exhaust problems and repairs within the apartment. If you are renting then you should contact your agent or apartment owner 

Hot Water Shut Off and Meter

  • The water shut off, hot water meter and hot water tempering valve are normally located within each apartment under the laundry sink

  • If you experience any water/plumbing related issues, you should immediately contact a licensed professional plumber. Check the CONTACTS section for plumber contacts details

  • If you are experiencing problems with your hot water, it is likely that your hot water tempering valve has become faulty and needs to be replaced. These valves generally fail around every 5 years. The apartment owner is responsible for any plumbing problems and repairs within the apartment. If you are renting then you should contact your agent or apartment owner


  • Each apartment is equipment with a video intercom near the front door

  • The intercom allows you to see who is call you from the foyer

  • The intercom allows you to give visitors access to the inner foyer and the lifts to your floor

  • Please refer to the INTERCOM QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE for basic usage instructions

  • For detailed information on the Urmet Aiko Monitor DS1716 please refer to the full USER MANUAL

  • The owners corporation is responsible for any intercom problems and repairs within the apartment. CONTACT US to report any problems

Power Fuse Box

  • Each apartment contains a power fuse box near the entrance to the unit or in a cupboard close to the entrance

  • If the power in your apartment goes off it may be because a fuse has tripped due to a surge or overload

  • If you experience any electrical related issues, you should immediately contact a licensed professional electrician. Check the CONTACTS section for electrician contact details

  • The apartment owner is responsible for any electrical problems and repairs within the apartment. If you are renting then you should contact your agent or apartment owner

Smoke Detectors

  • Each apartment is fitted with one ore more mains powered smoke detectors

  • You should periodically check the smoke detector by pressing the test button and allowing the test alarm to sound

  • The smoke detectors inside each apartment are not connected to the building's fire system. If a smoke detector is triggered inside an apartment, this will not set off the building's fire alarm

  • Smoke detectors must be replaced periodically. Depending on the brand and type of detector you will likely need to replace each detector every 5-10 years. When next replacing your detectors, consider a new smart device such as the Nest Smoke Alarm. These type of smart devices provide much more proactive protection, control and reporting over traditional smoke detectors and can work with other smart devices such as Philips Hue Smart lights to control visibility and warning lights in case of smoke

  • The apartment owner is responsible for any smoke detector problems and repairs within the apartment. If you are renting then you should contact your agent or apartment owner



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